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Please Nominate Me for Abel Prize

I hold back my plea to nominate me, as I realize that currently my work is not of the kind appreciated by most mathematicians. Do not nominate me.

I have made certain math discoveries. I deem these worth $1000000 prize (Abel Prize for mathematicians).

Please help me to receive this prize. I ask you to nominate me for this prize (to send a certain letter to the academy which controls the prize).

How to Nominate Me

If you want to help me, please write the letter to The Norwegian Academy of Science accordingly the below guidelines.

Your letter must be send either to the email or to the following mail address:

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Drammensveien 78
NO-0271 Oslo

Note that in order for participating in the nomination of this year, the letter should be send before September 15th. (If you send it later the nomination will be delayed to the next year.)

The Content of the Letter

The letter shall contain at least the following information:

If you send the nomination via email, I suggest to attach my articles (PDF files) mentioned below.

The Nominee's CV

(Include this into your letter to the Academy.)

Full name
Victor Lvovich Porton
Year of birth
Place of birth
city Perm, Russia
Unfinished* Mechanics and Mathematics faculty of Perm State University (state Perm, Russia).
Scientific degrees
Teaching and research experience
No teaching experience. Research experience consists of doing research published on Web site.

* I have not finished the University because has gone to an (engineering) job.

The Description of Nominee's Math Research

The research of Victor Porton is presented in research monograph:

See also online articles (superseded by the above monograph):

I suggest to attach the above mentioned PDF files (especially the book) to your nomination email.

Principal contributions for which the candidate(s) is/are nominated:

They are introduced new concepts of funcoids and reloids generalizing correspondingly proximity spaces and uniform spaces and profoundly researched their properties, so creating the most general theory in point-set topology. (It's opened up a new major research area.)

Both continuity and uniform continuity as well as proximity continuity are re-formulated as algebraic formulas generalizing all three kinds of continuity and hiding the epsilon-delta notion behind algebraic formulas.

It's defined the notion of limit for arbitrary (not necessarily continuous) functions.

Also pointfree funcoids and multidimensional funcoids (generalizations of funcoids) and several products (both finitary and infinitary) (cross-composition product, product of anchored relations, displaced product, ordinated product, simple product) of funcoids and other morphisms are introduced and the foundation of their theory is laid.

Brief description of candidate's work:

It is written the book “Algebraic General Topology. Volume 1”.

The book contains the following materials:

The candidate has proposed several new open problems.

List of math specialists

The following is a list of a few General Topology specialists. (Note that I am not personally or in any other way connected with the listed specialists. I have found their names using Internet.)

Frequently Asked Questions

I must be a mathematician to nominate you, must I?


What is Abel Prize?

It is an about $1000000 prize, like Nobel Prize, but for mathematicians (Nobel Prize is for other sciences).

Why don't you nominate yourself, but ask others to do this?

Abel Prize rules forbid self-nominations.

Why do you want Abel Prize?

  1. Having a million dollars, I won't have anymore the necessity to earn my living as a programmer and will be able to dedicate all my time to more important things including mathematics, information technology, and free software development.
  2. Receiving Abel Prize will make my research famous among mathematicians, as it should be.

Is it OK that I nominate you after your plea to nominate rather than by my own initiative?

Yes, it is OK, as long as you do not contact me about nominating.

When to send the letter?

If possible, please send it before September 15th (if doubt send it now).

Should I notify you after I nominate you?

No! Don't tell me that you have nominated me! It would contradict Abel Prize rules. Do not ask me any questions about Abel Prize, do not mention in any way that you are going to nominate me.

What if somebody other except me nominates you?

To be sure that I will be nominated please nominate me. It will not harm if I will be nominated several times.

When and where should I send the letter?

Your letter must be send either to the email or to the following mail address:

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Drammensveien 78
NO-0271 Oslo

If possible, please send it before September 15th (if doubt sent it now).

What will I receive in return?

Sorry, nothing. (I can't pay you a part of money because the nominations are confidential and I don't have to know that you nominated me.) Please make a goodwill to help me.

Is it significant that you have no official scientific degree?

No, this should be not important. Really I have almost finished math education in an University. (I left the University because has gone to a job.) The official Abel Prize rules do not require the nominee to have a scientific degree.

(Actually if they would use scientific degree as a criterion for selecting the laureate, it would be a serious violation of the committee rules which require other criteria such as influence of the work on the development of science, not degrees and social position what would be a clear discrimination.)

How will you use the money?

First, I promised to donate $10000 to PlanetMath site and $10000 to TeXmacs program after I will win Abel Prize.

I will put the rest of money to deposits or shares or something similar. I am also going to invest into books which I'll write.

I plan to resettle to a hotel for my basic needs to be fulfilled, or maybe to buy an apartment in a good place.

I am going to use the most of the rest of the benefit for charity (either support of poor people or support of scientific/technological development or both).

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